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Welcome to IGI Labs

...A generic topical pharmaceutical company, with its own portfolio of IGI label topical pharmaceutical products, and a unique platform to offer effective topical contract formulation and manufacturing solutions to our customers.

Generic Pharmaceuticals

With the first IGI generic product launch in December of 2012, IGI now has seven products in twelve presentations for generic topical pharmaceutical products being marketed and sold in pharmacies all across the United States of America.

Topical Formulation

Our experienced team of topical research and development scientists, provide the foundation for the expansion of the IGI label portfolio, and at the same time help our customers navigate the path to successful product development.

Diversified Services

Product and Methods Development, Stability Testing, Manufacturing Scale-Up, Analytical and Microbiological Testing, Regulatory Filing and Consultation, Commercial Manufacturing.

Product Solutions

Whether you’re looking for product development, have a formulation challenge, or need a reliable turnkey manufacturer, let IGI offer you a solution.

A Generic Pharmaceutical Company – Topical Formulation & Manufacturing Specialists

At IGI, quality is the most important product that we produce. Our mission is to become one of the top five leading companies in the generic topical prescription drug market. We are committed to providing the highest degree of quality services to our own IGI label products and to our contract manufacturing and formulation service customers. We manufacture all of our IGI-Label products ourselves in our 25,000 square foot facility in New Jersey. We now have four IGI products in eight presentations for generic topical pharmaceutical products being marketed and sold in pharmacies all across the United States of America.

Our contract formulation and manufacturing services team is uniquely positioned as an integrated formulation manufacturing company dedicated to providing quality services to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and cosmeceutical industries. We specialize in topical pharmaceutical, OTC and cosmetic products and offer a full range of services: formulation and methods development, analytical support, scale-up, commercial manufacturing and packaging. Our services are adaptable to your needs: formulation work only, bulk manufacturing, or full turnkey production.

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